About Us

Andros is the name of the island in Greece where the owners of our family restaurant, the Pertesis family, comes from. But once you stop in for one of their daily diner specials or homemade desserts, you will just know Andros as your new favorite diner. Leo and Kathy have owned and operated our 24 hour restaurant with their children John, Lourdes, Tony and Maria for years.

At Andros, the Peresis family believes that it is their tradition of operating the family restaurant that has led to their success.
 They pride themselves on the quantity and quality of the food they serve. When you eat at Andros, you feel like part of the family. At Andros, the staff is so friendly that most of the customers are known by name. The service you receive at Andros is like no other. That is why the motto at Andros is “We give very fast service."